Not only spending your time outdoors is fun, but it’s rejuvenating and therapeutic at the same time. The time consumed in nature is actually proven to enhance your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Hence, those residents living in greener areas are 40% less likely to become overweight and 3x more active physically compared to those who live in less green areas. Below are some of the ways trees can entice you to go outside and just be active and stay there:  


If green areas are made in vacant places, the crime within the vicinity is minimized. The presence of a properly maintained area, regardless if it’s a park or garden, is sufficient to keep the offender at bay. There are lots of theories on the reasons why it can help minimize crimes. Some of these include more onlookers who watch the street, pride in a maintained green area, and the presence of maintenance vehicles. However, no matter what the reason is, it’s enough to make your neighborhood safer. As a result, more and more residents will be confident to spend more of their time outside.   


Research shows a link between social interactions and tree cover. When there’s tree cover, not only residents come outside more frequently once, but they also tend to stay outside for a longer time, creating better relationships with the people around them or the neighborhood, promoting more outdoor through neighborhood walk clubs or bike rides.   


Green spaces, parks, and urban forests can give all residents a chance to hike, run, bike, and walk. The people living in neighborhoods where parks and trails can be accessed have more tendency to go outside and utilize them. On the other hand, people are expected to be less active within communities where such spaces are inaccessible.  

Stress relief  

Natural settings are best to have to lower stress. Exercising outside your house compared to exercising inside allows people to feel less tense, more energized, and more engaged with others. As a matter of fact, for each 1% in a green area, there is a reduction of stress levels in people.   


Green spaces that are properly maintained by tree service Berkeley providers make community pride. Property owners of today are mostly prepared and willing to pay more for a property that has trees in its yard. If the walkways and streets are lined with trees, it helps boost the resell value of your property while improving the beauty of the area.   


People want to be kept cool as much as possible. Hence, if they get the chance to sit under or walk in a shaded area, the people living there tend to love going outdoors more. However, this does not just apply to the green spaces and parks. In fact, trees within cities can bring more residents to the city. During the hottest times and seasons, the leaves’ evaporation helps in cooling an entire area to some degrees. The heat during summertime makes this more prevalent than ever.