Checklist for Your Commercial Property Maintenance

For a property, its maintenance services might not be explained clearly or comprehensively once you decide to sign the first agreement. But you can come up with your personalized maintenance for your commercial property according to your building’s location, type, and size. You can attain having great property maintenance services once you hire the best property management company near you. Though a lot of such companies provide an entire list of services you can enjoy, you might have to create your personal checklist. To do this, you have to know what you need beforehand and base that information on the list that you will create. Here are the 5 major considerations you can put on your property maintenance checklist: 


Your professional building’s inside part needs particular property management maintenance, especially in areas like the windows, doors, ceilings, and walls. Also, sanitation and cleaning are common including recycling, trash, dusting, power washing, bathroom sanitation, fleet cleaning, equipment repair, and services for preventative property maintenance as well. 


This category contains everything out of your property’s structure. This might include the doors, windows, downspouts, gutters, facades, walls, and the foundation. For exterior property maintenance, window cleaning and pest control are also included. 


Both outside and inside of your commercial property have various kinds of equipment. Within this category of property maintenance, fireplaces, coolers, heaters, plumbing, electrical systems, and kitchen appliances are included. 


After you have addressed the management of equipment, you will be needing to incorporate more tips for threats near the property. This includes HAZMAT concerns, fire and safety restrictions, and basic wear and tear issues that can result in a safety problem. 


The property maintenance for the exterior includes roofing problems. But before making a maintenance checklist for your commercial property, it would be safer to keep a detached category for your roofing. This is because your roof is open to accidents, deterioration, damage, weather, and traffic. So, it’s essential to include it in the checklist for your commercial property maintenance. Irresponsibly or improperly managing roofing maintenance could result in major issues along the way. Hence, you should always add this step while you prepare for your commercial real estate maintenance checklist.  

Services for industry-specific property management maintenance 

Education and school 

This particular industry has distinct priorities and goals that might include particularized maintenance for the floor (wood, linoleum, tile, etc.) To keep the floor against wear and tear over time, you have to maintain cleanliness and reduce the possibility of infection. Commonly, sanitation teams are utilized in cleaning the buildings meant for regular schedule education. 

Health care and medical 

Commercial buildings utilized for healthcare and medical purposes need a more thorough cleaning. The procedure to prevent cross-contamination includes anti-bacterial cleaning and rigorous anti-viral with high attention to detail. 

Construction/ renovation 

Commercial properties should maintain the cleanliness of the area to keep up a safe environment in the construction industry. This can include eliminating hazards such as damaged materials, trash, debris, and environmental pollutants. It is a major priority to maintain healthy and clean air for such a place.