Best Ideas for Your Desert Landscaping

Having a desert landscape is way beyond just succulents and cacti. Desert landscapes could mix natural elements, height, texture, and colors to make a yard that’s high on impact and drama but low-maintenance. This could happen once you let a professional landscape architect do the job for you. Know various methods to deliver the desert’s natural beauty into your landscape using these desert landscaping ideas. If you like some ideas below, look for a certified landscape architect to assist you in applying your vision into your yard: 

Desert Landscaping Plants 

Over the years, a lot of low water plants are already available due to the rising popularity of xeriscaping. Consequently, you have a lot to select from once you add desert plants. Plants could incorporate visual interest, height, texture, color, and offers shade. Others can even attract wildlife, bees, and birds. In several ways, plants are the main aspect of any desert landscape. Meaning, it’s important to choose plants that can adapt to a hot climate. The best plants include the following: 

  • Succulents and Cacti 
  • Shrubbery 
  • Perennial and annual plants 
  • Trees 


Hardscaping can serve both purposes within a desert landscape—aesthetic and practical. Also, it can imitate a natural desert environment. Hardscapes, such as dry creek beds, stone paths, concrete patios, pavers. And gravel beds can incorporate the landscape’s natural stone. Pavers of river rocks, Arizona sandstone, or red clay provide that legit Southwest vibe right into your back or front yard. 

Water element 

When it comes to desert landscapes, water features are mostly utilized. If you have the budget, desire, and space for it, having a swimming pool would be ideal to incorporate water elements within your yard.  

If you have smaller areas, you can have a water fountain that enables you to enjoy the water in your yard. The running water’s soothing noises in a fountain can minimize the noises from your neighbors, enables you to enjoy and relax in your home, and attract wildlife as well.  

It would be better to hire a landscape architect so that he/she can advise you what plants, water features, or hardscape would be suitable for your landscape to achieve the perfect desert landscape. With this, they can make the atmosphere of a yard or garden that you ultimately want. 

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